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Team Liquid has announced that it’s disbanding its Heroes of the Storm team as a result of Blizzard’s announcement in December to cut development staff and esports support for the game.

The announcement marks the end of Liquid’s five-year involvement with Heroes of the Storm, which began while the game was still in the technical alpha stage of development. The organization has published a history of its Heroes of the Storm team as a sort of in memoriam on its official website.

Team Liquid’s strongest season was 2018, and it wound up being the final season of the Heroes Global Championship. Blizzard’s December announcement that it was shifting developers away from Heroes of the Storm also specified that it was discontinuing both the HGC and Heroes of the Dorm series.

While Team Liquid’s ‘goodbye to HotS’ statement spends most of its time celebrating its players’ achievements, it’s capped off by a personal letter from Team Liquid founder and CEO Victor ‘Nazgul’ Goossens, who criticised Blizzard for its handling of the announcement and shutdown of HGC, as well as the company’s lack of support for HGC generally.