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In this Death End Re;Quest Chapter 3 Guide, I’ll be going over the path to clear the third area of the game and it’s boss. Death End Re;Quest is a unique RPG game that merges the typical JRPG and allows players to convert it into a fighting game, shooter, or even a slot game. There are other subtle quirks that the game possesses that will be simple to execute but difficult to master.

Death End Re;Quest Chapter 3 Guide

Upon reaching Chapter 3, players will leave the The Royal Shipyard of Sturfil and will follow the path to the end to find the Sinbick Seed Wilderness. In this chapter you will meet plenty of monsters in Sinbick Seed Wilderness and The Phantom Abyss.

Sinbick Seed Wilderness (Main Route III)

The main route III is very linear with a few items tucked away in corners. There will be a campsite in the center of the path. Obtain the Beast Clan Scarf at the end of the road before veering towards the ! to watch a cutscene. After the cutscene has finished, collect the Enolef’s Ether inside the chest before triggering the next cutscene.

Afterwards, proceed towards the large open area and head to the left. Tucked in the corner will be a chest containing a Patch 3.0. Proceed to the end of of the area to watch another cutscene located on the map by the ! symbol. Players will reach the Godot Ruins Outskirts next.

Monsters in Sinbick Seed Wilderness (Main Route III)

  • Kakopnena 2400 HP 10 SP Moon Type
  • Screach 3800 HP 25 SP Stars Type
  • Bugrian Sphere 10 HP 20 SP Sun Type
  • Plevrie 4210 HP 10 SP Moon Type
  • Akamupos 1696 HP 10 SP Sun Type

Godot Ruins, The Phantom Abyss (Outskirts)

Travel to the North until you encounter bridge to the left, cross it to reach the other side. There will be a large tree root obstacle and a chest containing a Patch 3.0. Interact with the ! to watch some more cutscenes and make some choices along the way. Clea will join the party during this time and players will wake up at a camp and save point area at the top of the large root tree. Make sure you save before heading out. Head North from the save point to descend the tree root and approach the ! symbol to fight the mid chapter boss Corpse.


This Corpse monster mini-boss possesses a large HP Pool and has strong attack strength. Hopefully you have been learning skills along the way, so we can easily defeat this monster. Use Al’s Stareig 3 times to deal heavy damage to Corpse; Stark is another option if Stareig is unavailable. Using Shina, players should use Stark also to continue to pile on the heavy damage. For once, Lily is going to be the DPS source for this fight. Lily possess strong star attacks such as: Vizstar Sauza,¬†Vizstar Hans,¬†Vizstar, and attack (in order from most to least powerful). If players have the enough SP they should use 1 Vizstar Sauza, 1 Vizstar Hans, and 1 attack to deal knockback damage also. Continue this cycle of using Stars infused attacks to finish off this mid-chapter boss. Defeating Corpse¬†grants 6,240 Exp, 5,600 Eni, and 1 Ultra Ogre Brew.

Corpse 27,985 HP, 40 SP, Moon Type

Don’t celebrate just yet as you will need to fight the Chapter 3 boss, Ephemera, right after the Corpse fight.

Boss: Ephemera

Ephemera will be a powerful Entoma Queen on Hard Mode since players will have to fight this boss right after fighting Corpse. Take the first turn to heal your party members and replenish their SP. The team role should be divided into 2 DPS and 1 Healer. Shina and Al should take the DPS roles as their Sun Type attacks deal heavy damage to Ephemera, while Lily can provide heals from a distance. Al’s attacks should consist of:

  • Sol Plosion
  • Sol Promine
  • Sol Pro
  • Sol Lance
  • Sol Spear
  • Sol Strike

Ephemera 65,000 HP, 50 SP, Stars Type

Shina’s should use her Ache skill to deal heavy damage to Ephemera as Lily uses Metinfris to heal a teammate. When most of the bug tiles have been eliminated, players may Summon Skala or Muga to help out with the fight. Alternatively, if needed, players should bug out Al since she can deal the most damage in Glitch Mode.¬†Defeating Ephemera grants 28,800 Exp, 7,000 Eni, and 1 Enolef’s Ether. Arata will learn Antidote (Self) after the battle.

Monsters in Godot Ruins, The Phantom Abyss

  • Epilis 2980 HP 10 SP Moon Type
  • Rouche 4684 HP 15 SP Moon Type
  • Bugrian Sphere 10 HP 20 SP Sun Type
  • Albim 7,420 HP 15 SP Moon Type
  • Fortism 4154 HP 10 SP Moon Type
  • Leepameal 3999 HP 15 SP Stars Type
  • Epagogi 6897 HP 20 SP Sun Type

In this chapter you will be able to access new shop wares, below you’ll find the item, their cost and their benefit:

Shop Wares

  • Patch 1.o
    • Costs 200 Eni
      • Heals 100 HP
  • Patch 2.o
    • Costs 200 Eni
      • Heals 300 HP
  • Elf Tonic
    • Costs 600 Eni
      • Heals 100 SP
  • Enolef’s Ether
    • Costs 12,000 Eni
      • Heals 999 SP
  • Ogre Cold Brew
    • Costs 420 Eni
      • Fully revives all units within range
  • Panacea
    • Costs 100 Eni
      • Removes all debuffs and status effects
  • Zirconia Magia
    • Costs 8,400 Eni
      • 102 ATK, 40 MAT
  • Spinal Sword
    • Costs 7600 Eni
      • 87 ATK
  • ¬†Calcolsmagear
    • Costs 600 Eni
      • 9 ATK, 40 MAT
  • Alba Bow
    • Costs 7,400 Eni
      • 100 HP, 66 ATK
  • Green Fang Drive
    • Costs 6200 Eni
      • 70 HP, 33 ATK, 50 MAT
  • Bulti Bow
    • Costs 1000¬†Eni
      • 150 HP, 22 ATK
  • Fifty Degrees
    • Costs 9,400 Eni
      • 150 HP, 117 ATK, 60 DEF
  • Yellow Quartz
    • Costs 8,000 Eni
      • 125 HP, 45 ATK, 60 MAT, 60 MDF
  • Sakuhon Spear
    • Costs 6200 Eni
      • 50 HP 20 ATK, 60 DEF
  • ZPS-100
    • Costs 5,200 Eni
      • 100 SP, 35 ATK, 100 MAT
  • Magic Bracelet Lv 3
    • Costs 9,200 Eni
      • 30 DEF, 60 MDF
  • Magic Bracelet Lv 2
    • Costs 5,300 Eni
      • 20 DEF, 40 MDF
  • Magic Bracelet Lv 1
    • Costs 1,750 Eni
      • 10 DEF, 25 MDF
  • Guard Bracelet Lv 3
    • Costs 11,000 Eni
      • 60 DEF, 30 MDF
  • Guard Bracelet Lv 2
    • Costs 7,000 Eni
      • 40 DEF, 20 MDF
  • Guard¬†Bracelet Lv 1
    • Costs 3,000 Eni
      • 25¬†DEF, 10 MDF
  • Brawn Ring
    • Costs 40,000 Eni
      • 300 HP
  • Magic Ring
    • Costs 6,000 Eni
      • 50 SP
  • Attack Ring
    • Costs 35,000 Eni
      • 100 ATK
  • Will Ring
    • Costs 25,000 Eni
      • 50 MAT
  • Defense Ring
    • Costs 25,000 Eni
      • 50 DEF
  • Mindful Ring
    • Costs 7,500 Eni
      • 50 MDF
  • Rapid Ring
    • Costs 3,000 Eni
      • 50 AGI

Shop Sidequests

  • Tale of Triumph III
    • Subjugate/destroy 2 Fortism
      • Reward is 1 Guard Bracelet Level 3
  • Divine Secret: Gowen Grass
    • Harvest 1 Gowen Grass
      • Reward is 1 Magic Bracelet Level 2

Following this guide you will have successfully defeated the boss Ephemera!

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The post Death End Re;Quest Chapter 3 Guide appeared first on Fextralife.