/Who else? <3 ?

Who else? <3 ?

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Hopefully, today’s Gearbox Software panel at PAX East 2019 will be full of Borderlands 3 goodness.

Gearbox will host a PAX East 2019 panel today, and you can watch it right here with us. Cross your fingers for a Borderlands 3 reveal.

In 2017, boss Randy Pitchford said aroundĀ 90% of staffers were working on the next Borderlands. That same year,Ā during Epicā€™s Unreal presentation at GDC, he showed off what could be images from the next title in the franchise. We hope it’s BL3, at least.

Yesterday, the studioĀ dropped a massive teaser with all sorts of hidden messages. Some of those little gems could be for Borderlands 3.

It’s also possible a re-release ofĀ Ā Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition could be announced for PS4, and Xbox One today.

The developer has been teasing everyone to death over the last couple of weeks so it probably has more than Borderlands up its sleeve.

We’ll just have to watch and find out for ourselves.

The Gearbox PAX East 2019 panel kicks off at 11am PDT, 2pm EDT, 6pm UK.

Watch live video from GearboxOfficial on www.twitch.tv

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