/Who else? <3 ?

Who else? <3 ?

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Pokémon Rumble Rush comes to Android and iOS.

Remember Pok√©Land? It was announced by The Pok√©mon Company a few years back and was positioned as a continuation of the Pok√©mon Rumble series. However, after the success of Pok√©mon GO everyone kinda forgot about it ‚Äď until today, that is.

It has now been revealed that the game goes by the title of Pok√©mon Rumble Rush (Pok√©mon Scramble SP if you’re in Japan), and it’s already out in the open in some parts of the world. This free-to-play effort has been developed by Ambrella, and is not related to the DeNA Pok√©mon project that was announced recently.

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