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Ahead of Super Mario Maker 2’s launch on Switch next month, Nintendo has outlined – courtesy of a brisk 15-minute Nintendo Direct – a whole host of new features that its 2D-platformer creation tool will bring. It’s a big list!

Without further ado, Mario Maker 2’s new building block options include everything from much-requested features omitted from the Wii U original to the kind of random stuff that no-one would likely have ever dreamed of asking for. Builders can, for instance, now use slopes (with various gradients available), or even plop down Super Mario Bros 3’s iconic Angry Sun.

There are on/off switches that can be used to swap red and blue blocks, to change moving platform tracks, or to switch the direction of conveyor belts; there are snake blocks whose direction can be determined by free drawing in editor mode; there’s a grabber claw that can swipe Mario up and be swung from to gain jump momentum; there are see-saws that tilt left and right, falling icicles, twisters, diagonal conveyor belts, large coins worth 10, 30 and, 50 points, Dry Bones shells, slow-falling parachutes, new sound effects, and more.

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