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Nice ! really love

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But it isn’t cheap!

Nintendo is making quite a large push to encourage its customers to download their flagship games on the Switch, rather than by physically on a game card (which obviously has associated manufacturing costs among other things. During the Super Mario Maker 2 Direct yesterday, Nintendo even unveiled a rather tempting game voucher discount programme which will no doubt stimulate growth in digital sales even more.

If you are anything like us, your puny micro SD card is struggling to keep up with the weight of all these retail downloads. Sure, Super Mario Maker 2 may only take up 2.8GB of your precious storage, but some third-party games such as NBA 2K19 can take up 31.5GB of space, so Switch owners are turning to ever-larger micro SD cards in order to store all their games so they don’t have to keep deleting and redownloading all the time.

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