/Who else? <3Internet Marketing ?

Who else? <3Internet Marketing ?

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As of July 1, Niantic is discontinuing its Pok√©mon Go support on the Apple Watch. The reason for this change comes after an announcement from¬†the company stating that it wants to “focus on building Adventure Sync so that Trainers will no longer have to split their gameplay between two¬†devices.”

Adventure Sync lets players track their steps, earn Buddy Candy, and hatch eggs¬†all in one mobile device, which means splitting up your time between two devices isn’t so useful anymore.

However, in the future your¬†progress on the Apple Watch still won’t be wasted. Adventure Sync¬†will continue to track data¬†from fitness apps¬†on your¬†Apple Watch or other smart devices.

Last week, Niantic unveiled Pokémon Go Plus Plus, which does everything Pokémon Go Plus does as well as tracks your sleep regimen.

[Source: Niantic]