/Interesting so much this is really great

Interesting so much this is really great

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Anthem has not been strong out of the gate. The game itself launched with a nearly equal shares of good and bad, and post-launch updates have leaned much more toward the negative column. Even hit games have a rough time keeping their price up in a competitive market, and copies of Anthem are already down to $24.

That alone isn’t necessarily cause for concern – Resident Evil 2 sales, for example, are no slouch, and you can still get that game for $30 – but these Amazon prices for Anthem indicate that there’s a lot of inventory to clear. Physical PC and PlayStation 4 copies are at $24, and Xbox One versions are at $30.

But if you want one of the pricier Legion of Dawn editions on console, even those are down to $24, undercutting the standard releases. That likely means there’s a lot of inventory Amazon wants to clear out. Other online retailers haven’t gone quite as cheap, but those physical copies are almost universally going for less than the original retail price.