/Nice ! thanks I love

Nice ! thanks I love

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The Elder Scrolls: Blades on Nintendo Switch gives you more control of the action screenshot

The Elder Scrolls: Blades wasn’t exactly the great free-to-play experience I was hoping it would be when I tested out the game in early access back in April. It had potential with a beautiful world and a fluid combat system. But the repetitive nature of the dungeon crawling quests was a real kick to the giblets. Control problems compounded the issue, however those have mostly been fixed through updates to the app.

Like most games-as-as-service titles, Blades is slowly getting better. At E3, Bethesda announced the 1.1 update for the game. This introduces new NPC voice overs, new jobs, a new dragon quest, and more. It also announced the game would be coming to Nintendo Switch this fall. Players will be able to use the same account across devices, and if my experience with the game on Switch is any indication, they’ll probably prefer to play it on Nintendo’s system.