/Anything related to this is so important

Anything related to this is so important

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It’s been over four years since Alien: Isolation slithered out of the shadows to deliver a gripping, if flawed, experience of terror. Those who have been hoping for a proper sequel from developer Creative Assembly might want to give up the ghost considering the only true gamingĀ follow-upĀ IsolationĀ has gotten isĀ a Five Nights At Freddy’s-like mobile title from FoxtNext called Alien: Blackout. The fact thatĀ Creative Assembly appears to beĀ moving on to a hero-based shooter (while FoxNext crafts a new shooter based on the Alien IPĀ with another studio) is also likelyĀ another nail in the coffin.

The developer has an official job posting on its site looking for a “Lead Hero Designer” on a new IP. The posting says that the position is for a “ground-breaking” first-person shooter that will feature heroes. We don’t know anything else about the game, but it’s hardly surprising that Creative Assembly is looking to do a hero-based shooter given the popularity of genre siblings Apex Legends and Overwatch.

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