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It’s a battle of wits as the critters take on the sitters in Well Bred Rhino’s asymmetrical multiplayer title Where’s Baby. With one party determined to undo the work of the other, is this title worth making a mess over?

Where’s Baby Review

Boiling the game down to its most basic elements, Where’s Baby features a tug-of-war between a critter and the sitter assigned to watching him. Said critter is a beast from hell, set out to destroy anything and everything. The sitter, not content to rest on their laurels, sets out to right these wrongs any way they can. Armed with their trusty hammer, they can repair the damage the critters have done in a matter of seconds.

As a result, each battle comes down to the fixers versus the breakers. As you’d imagine though, those that are destroying things would have a far better time than those tasked with cleaning up the messes. Each of the five levels of the game is absolutely sprawling, with malls, suburban landscapes, and large houses chock full of things to destroy. This unfortunately works against the game’s favor – though the sitters can cover ground more quickly by going to the opposite side of the screen quickly by going out of bounds, it is far too much ground to cover. As a result, things tend to feel a bit too hectic, where you know something is going wrong, but you don’t know how to fix it.

This chaos is exacerbated when it comes to Where’s Baby’s perks. At the beginning of each playthrough, both opposing parties can choose from three different abilities, which are activated when one picks up one of the tokens strewn about its world. Some of them are a bit too overpowered for their own good – one can make the floor a rising pool of lava, while another gives players the ability to cover more ground in a convertible. It adds an added layer of chaos to the proceedings, and the lack of balance makes it easy to zero in on abilities and spam them to your heart’s content. A bit of balance would have gone a long way at making things feel not so cheap.

At the end of each of these two minute bouts, the damage is tallied up by the “Destruct-o-bill.” Each item destroyed takes away from your gross pay, and if the sitters are in the red, the critters come out victorious. However, those that net enough bonuses and fix enough things will triumph over these little guys. In almost every match we played on both sides, however, the critters always won.

Outside of a one player mode, there is also support for local two-player play, two-player co-op, and online play. Outside of eight characters and five stages, there is not a ton of variety, but wht is here gets the job done.

Where’s Baby and its tug-of-war concept has merit, but this battle proves to be a little too one-sided. It just isn’t fun cleaning up the mess of the critters, and the lack of balance ultimately takes away from the game.

This review of Where’s Baby was done on the PC. The game was purchased digitally.
Where’s Baby Review

It’s a battle of wits as the critters take on the sitters in Well Bred Rhino’s asymmetrical multiplayer title Where’s Baby. With one party determined to undo the work of the other, is this title

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