/anyone else like Internet Marketing as much as i do

anyone else like Internet Marketing as much as i do

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Review: Various Daylife screenshot

One of the beautiful things about subscription services is they can provide eclectic creators a way to make their art without worrying about how well it will sell. For many of these products, they probably wouldn’t stand a chance outside the ecosystem of their respective services. Shows like Russian Doll and Lady Dynamite probably wouldn’t have ever existed if not for Netflix. Thousands of terrible authors wouldn’t be able to make a dime if not for Kindle Unlimited.

This is no doubt true for Apple Arcade as well. While many of the games on the service would have little trouble finding success on other platforms, there are titles that clearly wouldn’t fare as well. That’s not to say they’re bad. Like Various Daylife, some are just too niche to be expected to survive on their own.