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Thanks for the info big Internet Marketing fan here

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Charlie Brooker, the creator of the dystopian TV series Black Mirror, discovered new things to fear about technology as he was writing the script for  Bandersnatch: as he tried to get his story outline into Twine, the program would crash.

“That was the first sign that I shouldn’t have bothered,” he joked in a recent appearance on RHLSTP, comedian Richard Herring’s podcast. “What was weird is, usually when you’re writing a script, sometimes you hit a point where you get into it, and it gets longer and longer. And this [Bandersnatch script] got longer sort of horizontally as well as vertically.”

Of course, since Bandersnatch is an interactive game as much as an episode of television, it wasn’t simply a matter of writing a linear narrative – Brooker had to keep track of each narrative thread created whenever a player makes a decision, and keep track of how those decisions interacted with the rest of the story. The complex nature of Bandersnatch’s story concept was what led him to pick up Twine to begin with – he explains to Herring that he needed a tool that could organise the script like a flow chart.