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Good news, FPS games fans – there’s a brand-new Humble Bundle packed with games and goodies from one of the big, ZED-filled specimens of the genre on offer. At its different price tiers, Humble’s Killing Floor Bundle includes the three main games in the zombie games series as well as a hefty stack of DLC packs – and the chance to support charity, too.

At tier one, which you can unlock by paying £0.77 or more (approximately $1), the Humble Killing Floor Bundle offers the first Killing Floor title, as well as five character packs: Mrs Foster, Robot Special, Ash Harding, The Chickenator, and Reggie the Rocker. If you’re keen for more, you can scoop up its 2016 successor, Killing Floor 2, plus a batch of other content at tier two, which costs £7.92 (approximately $10.35) or more.

This level is packed with the Foster Classic, Commando Chicken, and Clot Backpack bundles – which each feature their own ranges of cosmetic goodies – for KF2, as well as a range of weapons. For KF2 there’s the compound bow and, for KF1, three Community Weapons packs and a Camo Weapon pack. Oh, and a Nightfall pack featuring four new playable characters, too.