/Who else? <3 ?

Who else? <3 ?

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Where last year’s Football Manager 2020 added a depth of focus on club culture, the upcoming Football Manager 2021 has shifted its focus back onto you, the manager. Sports Interactive has revealed a new set of features coming to this year’s edition of its football management game that add all-new ways for you to interact with your players, the team as a whole, and with the press.

For instance: now you’ll be able to whip a water bottle across the dressing room during halftime speeches to underscore a particularly important point. It’s part of the new gestures system that Football Manager 21 is adding to the tone system that’s been part of┬áthe football game series for the past few years.

“This really is an evolution of that and allows you to communicate in a much more varied way, and with more nuance, across different situations,” explains Tom Davidson, PR manager for Sports Interactive. The gesture system is context-sensitive, giving you different options depending on whether you’re talking to a player one-on-one, being interviewed by a journalist, or talking to the team at halftime.